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De baard van Rob AndristPlourde

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What’s your name?

Rob AndristPlourde

How old are you?


What do you do for a living?

Comedic Performer @ Boom Chicago

How long have you had your beard and why?

Ten years plus. My wife and kids like it.

Do you have a bearded hero?

ZZ Top. Come on.

How does your surroundings respond to your beard?

 When it was very long, my boss designated me as the “unique performer.”

How do you groom your beard?

In the shower a conditioner. Then beard balm, If it gets too long, trimmers.

Have you’ve ever been to a barbershop? If so, which one?

The one by my house in Amstelveen and Barber on the Haarlemerstraat Full treatment: hot towel, face massage, straight razor, oils etc. The way Bugs Bunny got shaves in the Looney Tunes, but with a shot of bourbon.

What was your experience at the barbershop?

Awesome service. The barber took the whole process seriously. And he liked my beard. Let me just say that getting a compliment on your beard by another man with a beard is a bond that can only be appreciated by men.

What does your beard mean to you?

Warmth in the winter and a magnet for food stains every other day.

What do you think of 

a valuable resource for the fuzzy of face.

What else would you like to see on

an English language section.

Do you want to say anything else about beards?

Wish I had one when I was a child.

Vergeet je niet aan te melden voor de record poging op 26 maar in Boom Chicago. Klik hier voor meer informatie.

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