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De baard van Stephen Ellis

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Elke week plaatsen we hier een mooi interview met een trotse baarddrager. We zijn benieuwd naar de reden van de baard en uiteraard hoe ze deze verzorgen. Wil jij hier zelf een keer staan of ken je iemand die hier moet staan? Neem dan contact met ons op. Vandaag hebben we de baard van Stephen Ellis.

Wat is je naam?

Stephen Ellis

Hoe oud ben je?


Wat doe je in het dagelijks leven?

I’m the singer / guitarist in Revere and the guitarist in Gabby Young & Other Animals. I also write children’s books.

Hoe lang heb je al een baard en waarom?

I’ve not been clean-shaven for well over ten years. It grows really long every time we record a new album and after this latest one I just let it keep going. It started out as some weird homage to Brian Wilson I think. I had to put my producer’s beard on before heading in to the studio. 

Heb je een baardenheld?

Warren Ellis, no question. 

Wat vind je directe omgeving ervan?

 I’m not sure, I get stopped in the street a lot, and there seems to be a sub-culture of men with beards who will nod silently to each other. I remember arriving in the Netherlands for a show and the guy at passport control had a relatively long beard. I passed him my passport and he just put it down without looking at it, slid it back to me and gave me a long, knowing nod. It’s like being a member of the Masons. 

Hoe verzorg je je baard?

I try to do as little as possible. My girlfriend’s Mum bought me a beard maintenance kit from Murdock’s in London in the secret hope I would cut it all off, but I just use the conditioner from time to time as apparently it smells nice. (I don’t have a sense of smell, you see). I’ll trim the moustache to keep it out of my mouth, but in truth I prefer the ‘old man of the sea’ look. I’m half Geordie (from Newcastle) so that might have something to do with it, who knows.

Ben je wel eens bij een barbershop geweest? Zo ja welke?

 Yes, Murdock’s as it happens. I’m often in Rotterdam and have heard there’s a place called Schorem that’s worth checking out so when I have time I’m tempted to pop in there. 

Hoe was de ervaring/beleving bij de barbershop?

Murdock’s was great. Gabby Young, my partner, bought me a beard trim there for Christmas last year. It was a very pleasurable experience and worth every penny. I may go back again this Christmas, who knows?

Wat betekent de baard voor je?

I’m not sure. It’s more fascinating just how much it means to other people. I’ve noticed more and more people in our audiences with beards. It’s definitely not a fashion thing as far as I’m concerned, and it’s nice to hold, although it makes eating soup tricky. 

Wat vind je van

It means more to me to be featured on than for our video to be shown on MTV, seriously… 

Wat zal je graag nog meer op willen zien?

More bearded ladies! 😉

Wil je nog iets kwijt over baarden?

A beard is for life, not just for Christmas…


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